The OWL White Label & API solution

Connect and source smarter in one central location
under your own brand!

A new solution that will boost your business.

The OWL White Label and API solution gives your company a sales tool to help your clients find the best corporate housing options globally while standing out from the competition.

Having a fully branded solution will allow your clients to input housing requests directly on your website, matching their requests automatically, resulting in the best possible options quickly and efficiently, optimizing your internal resources by utilizing your own branded technology. You will receive options back within minutes, make your choice that best fits the housing needs, and present the selected option to your client.

Enjoy all the benefits of this solution

  • Technology based on years of experience
  • Focus on the temporary housing processes
  • Ready to implement in your company
  • Use it under your own brand

We offer API integration in the OWL White Label solution

The OWL White Label solution is available with the API functionality allowing the platform to be integrated with your company systems.

In addition:

  • Has the look and feel of your brand/compliance of usage
  • Enjoy all the integrated functions ease-to-use to optimize your team performance
  • Simplify the process: no double entry will be needed into multiple systems.
  • Increase client satisfaction and your profits.

Your company will have
additional benefits

With the OWL White Label & API solution, your company will have the benefits as all the OWL’s marketplace members, PLUS the advantage of having a cohesive interface that allows OWL to be integrated with your company’s internal processes and corporate identity, creating a more streamlined look and feel for your team. At the same time, you will offer your clients the best options for their temporary corporate housing needs through quotes, presentations, and reports customized with your brand.

A solution ready to offer your company integrated sales tools!

  • Fully branded digital tool to send out options
  • Suppliers provide photos and details, saving time for presentations
  • Technology ready and easy to use, increasing efficiency
  • Easily demonstrate to your clients or prospective clients the benchmark pricing and layers of costs
  • Ability to offer average pricing for your clients RFP/RFI’s
  • Internal chat features for instant communication between you and the supplier

Offer a customized interface with a color palette of your brand

The OWL White Label solution will show an interface that mirrors your website and reflects your company brand image. You will also offer a customized sales processes and the best marketing strategies to stand out from the competition.

If you request more info about the OWL White Label & API Solution please, contact us.