2022 Temporary Housing Industry White Paper

Why and How Technology is Needed to Leverage the Temporary Housing Industry’s New Business Model

In these challenging times where inventory is hard to find, is your team ready to use and take advantage of the technology to source or be sourced for serviced apartments? Alex Shahabe, President of OWL, shares his impressions and recommendations for implementing technology to leverage the Temporary Housing Industry´s new business model.

In this document, you will find the following valuable information:

  • The why’s of needing a new business model to adapt and remain scalable and profitable in these challenging times for the temporary housing industry.
  • The how’s and benefits of incorporating technology in the Temporary Housing Procurement Process.
  • The reasons for implementing an all-encompassing digital experience to alleviate many problems within the temporary housing sector.

We invite you to download this new White Paper and take advantage of these valuable recommendations based on recent data and years of experience that Alex Shahabe has developed as a leader in the mobility industry and implementing technology. By taking advantage of this perspective, we hope your team and your business will find out why adopting a new business model is relevant and how to implement these required changes to continue being competitive in a highly demanding industry.

White Paper: Temporary Housing Industry New Business Model