The OWL Difference

With OWL it is easy for RMC’s and corporate clients to secure temporary housing directly from local suppliers, eliminating unnecessary markups, manual processes, and middlemen. OWL empowers corporate housing suppliers to respond to more housing requests, reducing the administrative time and costs of sourcing outside of their core market coverage areas.   This enables the suppliers to manage dynamic pricing with greater speed and efficiency, while avoiding the current daily fees other corporate housing platforms charge them, all from one central location.

As demonstrated in the Cost-Savings Calculator below,
OWL is the most cost-effective option than other industry resources.

Check out OWL’S interactive calculator

Simply input your company’s average number of moves and length of stay to see how much you will save with OWL by not having daily fees that other platforms are charging rolled into your pricing.

The Industry Way

The OWL Way

No matter the size of your business, OWL helps your company increase its revenue. To request a demo or for more information, please email us at [email protected]